Welcome to Rosalie Mansion and Gardens!

Owned, Operated, and Maintained by the Mississippi State
Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

Experience Rosalie Mansion

There is nothing ordinary about Rosalie… from its fascinating history to its abundance of original furnishing and decorative objects.

Gift Shop

A large gift shop of unique items of all price ranges is located in the Carriage House on the grounds. (601) 445-4555

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Garden features at Rosalie include the Patricia Walton Shelby Bicentennial Garden, the Walter Reed Page Smith Garden, and the Janet Terreson Sims Memorial Rose Garden.

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From weddings to balloon fests, Rosalie is available to make your special event even more special. Please contact the Main office (601) 446-5676 if you are interested in renting the outside grounds for your special day.

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What Makes Rosalie Unique to Natchez?

Rosalie Mansion is unique to Natchez because of its historical context and preserved state. Many of the items in the mansion are original to its owners. Lucianne Wood discusses some of the things that make Rosalie Mansion so unique.

Historical Significance Rosalie Mansion

Carter Burns, the Executive Director or the Historic Natchez Foundation, explains the historical and architectural significance of Rosalie Mansion, and what makes it important to Natchez today.